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Brandi Carlile Sings for Women in Prison 

Carlile has been supporting the IF Project since its inception and her Looking Out Foundation has, to date, donated $100,000 to the project. 

Featured in Rolling Stone

us versus them

Detective Kim Bogucki, a 27-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department and co-founder of the IF Project, shares her personal views on why all of us – community residents and law enforcement officials – must shed our fears, biases, and labels and change from “Us Versus Them” to “We.”

The Powerful Question Changing Everything for Cops and the People They Serve – Kim Bogucki’s Op-ed in The Daily Beast – September 2016

‘The If Project’: TV Review in The Hollywood Reporter – September 2016

The Marshall Projects’ “How a Police Detective Helps Inmates Prepare to Live on the Outside” – June 2016

Prison Fellowship’s “IF…” by Steve Rempe – June 2016

The Sunbreak’s “SIFF 2016: Festival Roundtable – May 2016

Art Zone with Nancy Guppy – May 2016

Logo Documentary Films Presents: Second Season Promo – April 2016

Seattle Times’ “Support Grows for Helping Ex-Prisoners Become Productive Neighbors”  – April 2016

The Value of the Voices Behind Prison Walls - TEDx Talk: A discussion on the unique collaboration of convict and cop working side by side to reduce incarceration in younger generations; done by using voices from both inside and outside the prison walls - April 2014

The Scarlet “F” - TEDx Talk: Honey Jo presents a talk that examines the reality of an offender's life beyond being released, and how the stigma of being a felon can seep into all aspects of life - April 2014

Who Would House and Hire a Felon? From Prison to Professional with Pioneer Human Services – April 2014

Kim Bogucki and Kathlyn Horan featured in latest Parent Map Issue – March 2014

Part 1: The IF Project with Rachel Belle – April 2013
Part 2: Keeping Kids Out of Prison – April 2013

IF Project in Everett Herald – March 2013

IF Everett School District Article – September 2012

The If Project and “This Wide Night” on Crosscut – May 2012

Channel 9 News Connects If Project – July 2011

The If Project in Real Change – July 2009